PPM  Predmore Program Management
Serving Advanced Technology Construction 

About PPM

Highly technical projects - such as those utilizing clean manufacturing environments; specialty process equipment; gases, chemicals and ultra-pure water-  and those projects with high energy use or stringent environmental, sustainability and green programs - all have unique integration requirements that set them apart from most standard design and construction projects. PPM targets these critical projects and focuses on clients in mid-size companies with growing operations through either new sites, major renovations, or with a focus on creating project management systems within their current operations.  PPM provided this type of support to Microsoft Data Center programs, Globalfoundries ownership teams in both Abu Dhabi and New York, and expansion of SUNY CNSE SiC project.  These companies had staff devoted to sustaining work with limited resources available to manage the new project effort, and were looking for experience in the complexities of capital project organization, contracting, procuring and managing design and construction services.  PPM became a temporary extension of their staff, providing knowledge and experience focused to their goals and this is what we offer new clients, both in development of new program planning and in forensic support on claims and legal disputes on ongoing projects.

Normal consulting services with PPM are through hourly consulting establishing performance based plans toward specific client defined goals of a project.  If requested, PPM has an extensive alliance of firms from individual specialty consultants, engineering specialties, to a strong network of the largest and most technically knowledgeable designers, contractors, and subcontractors in the advanced technology design and construction industry.  Using firms in the PPM “stable” is always tapered to the size and needs of the individual project and based on client wishes to achieve the best value for the client.  The first step is to contact Bob Predmore of PPM to discuss the client needs and outline a joint plan for implementation.
PPM provides a wide range of program management consulting specific to advanced technology design and construction programs with specialization in initial project execution planning or forensic project analysis and claims management.

While there are numerous consultants with special knowledge to provide individual discipline guidance or assistance on a particular phase of the project,  Bob Predmore has established PPM to focus on the integration of  the entire work effort from the beginning of the concept through the clients construction to facility completion and into operation of critical technology.  This incorporates the evaluation of needs and budgets, design, contracting strategy, safety, quality management and schedule; all the while targeted on the best value needs to achieve the program objective.  Many large consulting companies offer a full menu of similar services, but transfer the responsibility and knowledge from one manager or engineer to another “expert”, without ever grasping the entire focus of the project as a whole.  Very few personnel have both experienced and have been in direct charge of the entire spectrum of technology projects. 

That is what differentiates PPM - the breadth of experience offered on highly technical projects.  Bob Predmore has spent over 45 years in the design and construction industry with the past 30 specifically focused on market driven advanced technology programs with responsibility for achieving facility projects focused on achieving owner objectives.

PPM was originally created in 1997 to provide professional consulting supporting in advanced technology facilities after 12 years of managing design and construction of latest technology cleanrooms at Motorola Semiconductor.   PPM provided major program planning to New York in their fab initiative, projects in Costa Rica, expert witness leadership on major legal disputes on semiconductor projects, and led the Lawrence Livermore National Lab NIF project Construction Management team before suspending its consulting operations in 2002 while recruited by Intel Corporation to run their global construction operations between 2002 and 2008, being responsible for major design and construction process improvements and direct management of major projects around the world.  The PPM consulting was refreshed in 2009 to focus on both technology projects as well as front end programming and evaluation of a wide range of capital programs.